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Unicel was started in 1956, company president and founder Dick Meissner sat down in his garage to begin work on his first sewing contract. Phil Anthony of Anthony Pools had just given him his first order to produce the Anthony McIntosh filter bag. Working alone and at night, Dick laid the foundation for the company that has grown to become the largest manufacturer of swimming pool and spa filter elements in the world. 

Unicel filter replacement cartridges are clearly the best!  What are you looking for: 

  • Filter Cartridges
  • Rectangular D.E.e Grids
  • Vertical D.E. Grids
  • Spacers and Adapters
  • Filter Discs

Fits 50 Sq. Ft. 7 X 14.75 X 1.9"
Retail Price: $58.29
Item #: C-7449