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Reduce your pool's energy costs with our eco-friendly pumps, heaters and LED lighting technology. Create the perfect ambiance with color-changing lights and water features. And make your pool a carefree pleasure with easy-to-use chlorine generators, automatic cleaners and full-featured electronic control systems.

Filter Replacement Module, 100 SqFt  (PLM100)
Filter Replacement Module; 100 SqFt (PLM100)
Retail Price: $254.75
Item #: 27002-0100S
Filter Element (PTM100 & 100TXR)
Filter Element (PTM100 & 100TXR)
Retail Price: $180.04
Item #: WC108-58S2X
Filter Replacement Module, 150 SqFt (PLM150)
Filter Replacement Module; 150 SqFt (PLM150)
Retail Price: $379.39
Item #: 27002-0150S
Filter Cartridge Replacement 95 SqFt
Filter Cartridge Replacement 95 SqFt
Retail Price: $164.48
Item #: 25230-0095S
Filter Replacement Module, 36 SqFt (PLD70/PLDE36)
Replacement cartridge for the Sta-Rite PLD70 36sqft modular media system 2 filter. This is an original Sta-Rite part and not an aftermarket cartridge. The 27002-0036S has an outside diameter of 13" and is 18 1/4" in height.
Retail Price: $371.89
Item #: 27002-0036S
Large Grid Assembly, 66 GPM Filter
American Products 59009700 Large Grid Assembly for Warrior DE 66 GPM Filter
Retail Price: $35.91
Item #: 59009700
Small Grid Assembly, 66 GPM Filter
Small grid assembly for American Products Warrior DE Filter 66GPM
Retail Price: $35.91
Item #: 59005300