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Advantis Technologies™, a part of Lonza Group, is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA and produces some of the most popular pool and spa water care products on the market today. From the industry’s first non-chlorine shock, GLB™ Oxy-Brite™ non-chlorine shock oxidizer, to the latest in enzyme products and chlorine-free spa care, Advantis™ has always been on the cutting edge of pool and spa water care technology while consistently offering high quality products. Whether you’re looking for routine water care products or cleaners, fragrances, algaecides or other specialty products, you will find what you need in one of the established and trusted brands from Advantis™.

The Advantis™ family of swimming pool and spa chemical brands include Leisure Time™, GLB™, Rendézvous™ Spa Specialties™, Applied Biochemists™, Robarb™, Ultima™, Aqua Silk™ and Quantum Biochemical™.

Leisure Time™: Simple Spa Care™
The leader in spa water care for more than 25 years, the Leisure Time™ brand offers the Simple Spa Care™ program which combines ease of use with top-quality products. Leisure Time™ spa offers popular sanitizing systems, including a chlorine-free spa treatment, Reserve & Renew™ system and a biguanide-based Free™ system. Leisure Time™ spa offers everything you need to maintain your spa from clarifiers to fragrances and everything in between!

GLB™: The Great Life Begins Here!
Since 1956, GLB™ has provided top quality water care products nationwide. GLB™ pool offers a comprehensive line of swimming pool water care products including Oxy-Brite™, the industry’s first non-chlorine shock, and a wide array of sanitizers, stain controls, algae controls, clarifiers, pH and alkalinity balancers, equipment, surface maintenance products and more. The GLB™ brand ensures that when it comes to getting the most out of a pool, The Great Life Begins Here!

Rendézvous™ Spa Specialties™
The Rendézvous™ Spa Specialties™ line of products offers everything needed to keep spas clean and inviting. Designed with the consumer in mind, the Rendézvous™ Spa Specialties™ line features color categorization for quick and easy product identification. Rendézvous™ Spa Specialties™ offers high quality, easy-to-use products that will help take the hassle out of maintaining a spa.

Applied Biochemists™: The Brand The Pros Use
When it comes to battling algae, cleaning filters, controlling scale buildup and generally maintaining a safe swimming environment, pool care professionals turn to Applied Biochemists™. This specialized line of professional-strength products features highly concentrated algaecides that kill the most prevalent forms of algae and prevents it from recurring. The Applied Biochemists™ line also includes non-chlorine shock treatments that allow for immediate swimming, formulas that prevent and remove stain and scale, clarifiers and enzyme-based water brighteners, commercial strength filter cleaners, tile and surface cleansers, and specialized formulas that reduce excessive foaming.

Robarb™: Clean, Clear Results
The Robarb™ collection of specialty pool care products features America’s Best-Selling Clarifier, Super Blue™. Sold in its distinctive clear bottle to showcase its bright blue hue, Super Blue™ clarifier is one of the most popular and trusted products on the market - and that’s because it’s a proven part of a program that keeps pools clean, safe and sparkling. Other offerings in the Robarb™ line include several type-specific algaecides as well as multi-algae controllers, filter cleaners and stain and scale prevention products.

Ultima™: Your Ultimate Problem Solvers
The Ultima™ brand is our premium line of unique specialty pool and spa treatment products. We’ve added bold stripes of color to the bottom of every product label to denote categories of use so that you’ll know which Ultima™ product to reach for. Whether it’s our Remedy to clear green water, the Swamp to Swim™ system, a Multi-Action product like Enzyme Clarifier, an Enhancer like our popular Party Blue™ product or a Salt Solution like PowerWash, when you choose the Ultima™ brand, you’ll have proven solutions at your fingertips.

Aqua Silk™: Soft Water Made Simple
The Aqua Silk™ system is a chlorine- and bromine-free way to sanitize your pool and achieve soft, clear, more comfortable water. When used properly, the Aqua Silk™ system will prevent algae growth, sanitize the water and keep it sparkling clean. Specially designed for swimmers with sensitive skin, the Aqua Silk™ system is gentle on hair, eyes, skin, swimsuits and pool liners and has no harsh odor or chemical smell.

Quantum Biochemicals™: Enjoy the Quantum™ Difference!
The Quantum Biochemical™ brand offers fresh solutions in its lines of pool water specialty chemicals. Quantum™ has designed products and water care programs for use with chlorine, bromine, salt water or biguanide sanitizing systems. Each specialized line of products includes algaecides to fight any algae, non-chlorine shocks to clear cloudy water, clarifiers to add sparkle to pool water and much more.

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